26 April 2017 – Searching for Jock Muir (Mair)

Jock is on the left according to a caption. Gerard Pelletier had written the name Muir in his photo album.

Jock Muir was in fact Jock Mair.

Honest mistake.

This is what I found on the Internet thanks to a friend who led me to Jock.


404565 Flight Sergeant LEWIS, Wallace George


AWM 237 (65) NAA : A705, 163/137/144 Commonwealth War Graves records

Aircraft Type: Defiant

Serial number: AA 377

Radio call sign:

Unit: ATTD 264 SQN RAF


On 26th April 1942, Defiant AA377 crashed at Sheerness, UK, and the crew were killed.


RAAF 404565 Flt Sgt W G Lewis, (Pilot)†

RAF Flt Sgt W Mair, (Gunner)†

Flt Sgt’s Lewis and Mair are buried in the Leysdown (St Clement) Churchyards, UK. Leysdown is a coastal parish and village in the north eastern side of Sheppey, six miles NNE of Faversham.

Flt Sgt Corserr a witness to a Court of Inquiry into the accident stated :

“ On 26th April WO Lauder, Flt Sgt Lewis and self were detailed for air to sea firing at the Leysdown range. Lauder was firing and Lewis and I were orbiting the range at approx 2000 feet. Sgt Lewis was approx 500 feet above me and half a mile in front when I observed that his port wing dropped, and he went into a vertical dive travelling in the opposite direction to his original course. It appeared that Lewis tried to pull out of this dive but only partially succeeded in doing so, when the machine turned to starboard and then hit the ground.”

Flt Sgt Rose, Flt Sgt Corser’s Gunner stated : 

“ We were at approx 2000 feet awaiting our turn to do our air firing practice. I saw a Defiant diving past us at a very steep angle about 50 feet away on our port side, this dive continued until 500 feet from the ground. The aircraft then went into a flat spin to starboard doing 3 or 4 slow turns before hitting the ground and bursting into flames 

The opinion of the Court was that : 

“ the accident was due to loss of control by the Pilot, but we cannot determine what caused the loss of control.

Wg Cdr CO RAF West Malling stated,:

“ I concur with the findings. There is no evidence to show whether the loss of control was due to some structural failure or to some temporary physical failure on the part of the Pilot.”

In Memory of Flight Sergeant Wallace George Lewis

404565, Royal Australian Air Force who died on 26 April 1942 Age 22

Son of Thomas Henry and Alice Lewis, of Bardon, Queensland, Australia.

Remembered with Honour Leysdown (St. Clement) Churchyard

In Memory of Flight Sergeant Air Gnr. William Mair

971422, 264 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died on 26 April 1942 Age 27 Son of David and Marion Mair, of Swinhill, Lanarkshire.

Remembered with Honour Leysdown (St. Clement) Churchyard

Flight Sergeant William “Jock” Mair

One thought on “26 April 2017 – Searching for Jock Muir (Mair)

  1. Photo taken by Richard Crockett with information about Defiant AA377
    Defiant II AA377 information 264 Squadron
    Crashed At Leysdown Kent 26-04-4
     Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum Flixton 07-11-10
    Click on the image to be redirected to his photo album on Flickr.

    Felixstowe F-5

    Defiant II AA377 264 Squadron information


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