Missing since 3 September, 1942


About the artist

Hi, I’m Harry and I’ve created this page to showcase my efforts in colouring old black/white photographs. Just for fun!

I’ve long been interested in history, especially that of WW2 aviation, so after coming across the likes of communities like Colourising History and a variety of very talented artists, I decided I’d like to try my hand at this.
I do this for fun: I get a sense of satisfaction when I finally complete an image, but what I really like is how a coloured image can make the history it shows somehow more real… or perhaps more ‘relevant’ would be a better term as I find it makes said history easier to connect with. A colourised photo can remind us that the portrayed person isn’t just some distant, long dead curiosity but was once a living, breathing human being just like you and I.

Harry was gracious enough to colorise Gérard Pelletier’s photograph as a tribute to him when I told him I wanted to write something special on September 3rd.

Who are we remembering this morning of September 3rd, 2017?

Gérard Pelletier whose name is not found in any history books like so many unsung heroes.

I write about unsung heroes…

The first one was my wife’s uncle Pierre who came back from the war only to relive probably night after night a nightmare. I wanted to tell his story which led me to write more and more stories, and sharing stories my readers would share like LeClare Walker’s story you probably read on August 19, 2017 on Pacific Paratrooper.

Who was Gérard Pelletier and how did I get his photograph?

It’s all in here for you to read and find stories about unsung heroes of RAF 264 Squadron.