Sometimes you will get something wrong…

On my ongoing research about Flight Sergeant Gérard Pelletier, sometimes I will get something wrong when I am visiting his past…

Collection William Moncur (original photo)

Collection William Moncur (modified photo)

Collection William Moncur (my first colorised version)

This is the right colorisation done by Doug Banks who told me I had the wrong camouflage.

Thanks to Doug I was thus able to correct my own version colorised version of the original photo shared by William Moncur’s son…

Flight Sergeant E. R. Thorn (pilot, left) and Sergeant F. J. Barker (air gunner) of No 264 Squadron RAF and their Teddy Bear mascot, presented to them by their ground crew, posing with their Boulton-Paul Defiant Mark I at Biggin Hill, Kent, after destroying their first Heinkel He 111, bringing their total of enemy aircraft destroyed to thirteen. These two sergeants became the most successful Defiant partnership of the war. © IWM (CH 2526)

Sometimes visiting the past might proove difficult and getting every right is sometimes impossible.

Ealier this year, Flight Sergeant Pelletier’s niece shared her uncle’s photo album by scanning every page using a high definition setting.

This is the first photo in the album, a photo which has never been seen anywhere before on the Internet.

“We fight by night” is the caption above written by Flight Sergeant Pelletier who is missing in action since September 3, 1942.

This is Flight Sergeant Pelletier on a photo taken in the album.

And this is a colorised version done by Harry Burgess as a tribute to him.

At my request, Gérard’s niece scanned her uncle’s logbook so we could share it with everyone…and learn more on how he trained, fought, and died.

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