Searching for William Moncur

I had been trying to contact his relatives two months ago. I am a very patient person. This is how this search for William Moncur began. His name was in a caption. Collection Gérald Pelletier I went scrambling on the Internet to find more about William Moncur. Someone had written in a forum that he was […]

Searching for William K. Moncur

Last April I had been trying to make contact with William Moncur’s relatives with the intention of sharing some photographs that were in Flight Sergeant Gérard Pelletier’s photo album. This is how this search for William Moncur’s relatives began. He was just a name in a caption under a photo. Collection Flight Sergeant Gérard Pelletier […]

Remembering Sergeant Johnny Trigg and Pilot Officer Dunfee

Sometimes visiting the past might proove difficult and getting every right is sometimes impossible. Who remembers Sergeant Johnny Trigg and Pilot Officer Dunfee? Gérard Pelletier did remember them. Johnny Trigg’s name is found only once in Gérard Pelletier’s logbook. 26-1-42      10.50      DEF. 404      Sgt. Trigg      G.C.I.     1:35 Date: 26-1-42 Take-off time: 10.50 Plane: DEF. 404 […]

Sometimes you will get something wrong…

On my ongoing research about Flight Sergeant Gérard Pelletier, sometimes I will get something wrong when I am visiting his past… Collection William Moncur (original photo) Collection William Moncur (modified photo) Collection William Moncur (my first colorised version) This is the right colorisation done by Doug Banks who told me I had the wrong camouflage. […]

What happened? – Que s’est-il passé?

This is what the only surviving witness told about the crash… The witness wants to remain anonymous. Conversation avec le témoin le 30 Juin 2017 à 15 heures (Seul témoin actuel du déroulement du crash du Mosquito) Crash du Mosquito de la RAF, le 19 septembre 1944. Aviateurs MONCUR et WOODRUFF Le lieu du crash […]

Who remembers George Mullay?

David Moncur sent me this black and white picture with a comment. I have discovered that the name of the man standing on the wing is George Mullay who was with 603 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.  Colorised by Pierre Lagacé and edited by a dear friend… Also the group photo of crew in front […]

How they escaped

This is what was found on the Internet by David Moncur. How his father and his navigator escaped after their Mosquito Mark XIII crashed…   Évasion d’aviateurs anglais Le 19 septembre, à 4 heures du soir, un avion Mosquito volant bas atterrit brutalement dans un champ de choux dans le village de Langatte à La […]

People in World War Two Needed Heroes…

These two airmen were heroes and what they did in the war is well documented… Collection William K. Moncur (courtesy David Moncur)  This is Flight Sergeant Thorn and Sergeant Barker. Collection William K. Moncur  (colorised by Pierre Lagacé) We need to pay homage to these heroes, but we also need to pay homage to unsung […]